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About Ronnie

Ronnie was the the founder of Sugar Brick Road, he aimed to bring a new dimension to the Sugarcraft Industry and with his and his teams experience in the trade, it can be done.
Ronnie & his partner aim is to buy in bulk so we can pass on Big Savings to you.

He had his own recipe for modelling and petal paste which is a great success, and passed this down with his knowledge to his familiy.

He perfected his own Sugar Lace powder & Ready Mixed Lace with vaurious colours.  This, together with our own Lace Mats, should bring massive savings to you, in comparison to our competitors.

Ronnie passed all his many years experience in the Sugarcraft Industry down to his familiy and friends before passing on, with this we aim to continue on with his vision. Previous to The Sugar Brick Road, he owned a Sugarcraft shop in Essex for 12 years until he retired 

After a few years he missed messing about with cakes and became disillusioned with retirement yearning to work again.

Having opened another shop he worked there for 4 years and wanted to expand and invest in bulk buying which became The Sugar Brick Road.

During all this time we all have gained much experience in the Sugarcraft Industry.

The Buck stops with me now and if you find you need to talk to me, I will be only too pleased to accommodate you, whether good or bad.

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SBR Cake Mix

Sugar Lace

Take your cake decorating to the next level and try dressing your Cake with Sugar Lace. We have received excellent feedback from our customers who have used our Sugar Lace and return to purchase more as it is so easy to use and offers such excellent results. This isn't just any Sugar Lace, this is Sugar Brick Road Sugar Lace.